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To celebrate  "the ritual of sunset"  trails, Chill Out, Bossa, Deep and Soulful with a touch of class that only a few can boast. 

But  who is  Duo Mecanico ?  It's dee  jay's  producer  Stefano Capasso  and  TDL.
Two producers have already released two singles released in the compilation "Cafè del Mar" vol XIV e XV " Love Luxury" e "Charade".

"The success of their album "Charade" makes this group highly appreciated abroad.
"When it comes to Italy, it mangled always thinks to distorted guitar, while there are others that quintessentially English music of that part of England who likes new wave not today, but that dancing with calm in some London clubs. Just hear songs like "Before Sunrise" and "Love Luxury" ,where the voice of the singer of the duo simply enchant. Electronic, Trip hop, Massive Attack, who meet in a bar the early Morcheeba.                                                                                                                                   (Silvio Mancinelli)                                                                                                                                                                  
Crown the collaboration with this historical label coming out in  "Rain & shine"  feat. Miss Tia  and La Guia de Ibiza Y Formentera, Las Palmas, Moraira, Estepona, De Luxe Porto Cervo-Costa Smeralda  vol 1,2,3, Love Luxury, The best of Bossa, The best of Chill Out Vol 1,2,3,4, The Best of Ambient.

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